Time to Finish… Building a Healthier Community!

Now more than ever, local healthcare is important for a community.  The Power County Hospital District appreciates the immense support of the community passing the 2017 bond that has enabled updates to the nearly 60 year old facility.  These renovations are already helping to change and add many exciting new future opportunities for expanded services and better local care.  Unfortunately, construction costs increased an unexpected 25% since project estimates began in 2016, making completion of the original project unattainable within the current budget.

The PCHD Board of Trustees are now providing the community the opportunity to finish the renovations with a general bond request for $2.95 million dollars on the May 19, 2020 ballot.  The cost is estimated at $20.24 per $100,000 of taxable assessed property value, per year.  A home valued at $150,000 would pay approximately $1.27 per month for this bond.

The additional funds would help us to complete the original project plans to finish updating the facility for a completely renovated new building that better meets everyone’s care needs now and into the future:

  • NEW physical, occupational, speech therapy building
  • Updates to the north and south entrances
  • Completion of hospital wing for billing & administration functions, including community board room
  • Landscaping around the facility
  • Updates to aging equipment in the pharmacy, elevator, kitchen fridge-freezer, patient beds/furniture, etc.

Please see more details about the bond proposal on our informational brochures…

Hospital Bond General Information Brochure

Hospital Bond FAQ Brochure




Why the Extra Money Now?

The area economy changed drastically from 2016 estimates for the bond to the 2018 actual bidding of the project- an unexpected 25% increase impacting our ability to finish all of the original plans! Several cuts have already been made to the project to stay on budget with patient areas as a priority, but it cannot all be completed without additional funding! It’s cheaper to finish the project now while we have the crews here to do it. If crews have to leave to do other jobs and return later, the cost will increase to remobilize and construction costs are very unpredictable at this time, so it will not get any cheaper than now to get it all done.  Interests rates are also at an all time low to save everyone in financing the project with completion now.


How do I Vote on the Bond?

Due to the COVID-19 current state of emergency, the May 19, 2020 Primary Election will be held by absentee mail ballot only!  Registered voters must complete an absentee ballot application, by the 5/19/20 deadline to get a ballot. Ballots will be mailed out and then must be returned to the Power County clerk office by 6/2/20 to be counted.  To register as a voter, request a ballot or get more election information, go to:

idahovotes.gov      or     call the Courthouse for assistance at  208-226-7611