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CNA Long Term Care (Part-time)


Power County Hospital District is looking for part-time CNAs to function as part of a Nursing Team. Assisting in nursing care to patients/residents performing designated nursing tasks under the direction of a licensed Nurse (RN/LPN) and in compliance with “Minimum Standards of Care by a Licensed Nursing Assistant” at the bedside providing, observing, collecting data and reporting to the RN/LPN on care provided or needed.


*Successful completion of Certified Nursing Assistant training program and certification by the State of Idaho, or eligible for training with State certification within 120 days of employment.

*Reference indicating honesty, good attendance, dependability, performance and leadership abilities.

*English language skills adequate for effective communications with staff, patients, and medical and allied support personnel.

*Able to read and follow directions with adequate visual and hearing acuity.

*Positive supportive approach to position and co-workers.

*Computer skills.

*Good general health.

*Work is active, able to lift (50) pounds, twisting, and bending required.

*Able to tolerate long periods of standing and walking.

*Ability to deal positively in stressful situations.

*Willing to work varied shifts, weekends and holidays when appropriate.

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