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Job Summary:  Provides highly skilled, compassionate and professional nursing care within the Emergency Department, Acute/Swing Bed, and Outpatient care setting; coordinates care planning with other disciplines.  Provides care that meets the psychosocial, physical and general aspects of quality patient care.  Determines priorities of care based on physical and psychosocial needs of patients, as well as factors influencing patient flow through the system.  Communicates with physicians regarding changes in patient’s status, symptomatology and results of diagnostic studies.  Responds quickly and accurately to changes in condition or response to treatment.

Major Responsibilities: (but not limited)

1)    Collect and analyze pertinent objective and subjective data regarding the health status of the patients/residents

2)    Plan and implement nursing care which will assist the patients to maintain or return to a state of health or a supportive dignified death

3)    Communicate significant changes in the patient’s status to appropriate members of the health care team in a time period consistent with the patient’s need for care

4)    Document, on essential patients/residents’ records, the nursing care given and the patients response to that care

5)    Act as patients/residents advocate in health maintenance and clinical care

6)    Be accountable for the safety of patients/residents receiving service by:

(a)  Delegating selected nursing functions to others in accordance with their education, credentials, and demonstrated competence

(b)  Supervising others to whom she/he has delegated nursing functions

(c)  Maintaining knowledge and understanding of the laws and rules regulating nursing and shall function within the legal scope of the Nurse Practice Act


(d)   Being responsible and accountable for his/her nursing acts based on and limited to the scope of her/his education, demonstrated competence and nursing experience

(e)  Obtaining instruction, supervision, and consultation as necessary before implementing new or unfamiliar techniques or practices

(f)   Maintain current knowledge in his/her field of practice

(g)  Respecting the patients/residents right to privacy by protecting confidential information

(h)  Reporting unsafe nursing, medical acts and practices, and illegal acts as defined in Idaho codes

7)    Perform acts that require substantial knowledge, judgment and skill based on the principles of biological, physiological, behavioral and sociological sciences grounded in the elements of the nursing process which includes the observation, assessments, diagnosis, care and health teaching in the maintenance of health or prevention of illness of others

8)    Evaluate and update the Nursing Care Plan to reflect the current needs of the patient

9)    Identify potential discharge needs during the time of care and relay this information to the appropriate resources

11)  Maintain a clean, safe environment for patients, personnel and visitors

12)  Effectively communicate with hospital personnel, patients, visitors and general public

13)  Adherence to Blood borne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan, and Universal Precautions, District fire, disaster, hazardous material, safety plan and uses proper body mechanics

14)  Report to work 15 minutes prior to the scheduled shift

15)  Able to function in flexible staffing situations as required by patient census and acuity

16)  Responsible for knowledge of all information from nursing staff meetings, in-service, Mandatory meetings and hospital communications

18)  Utilizes educational opportunities and seeks self-improvement

19)  BLS and ACLS certified

23)  Participates in orientation development and evaluation of new Nursing Staff

24)  Identifies areas of need in Nursing QA program

25)  Promotes team building

26)  Contributes to annual budget process by identifying department equipment and supply needs projected utilization and expenses, and other budgetary considerations

27)  Perform other related duties as may be requested or assigned



Graduate of an accredited nursing program * State of Idaho RN license * One or more years of RN experience in Acute/ED preferred * English language skills adequate for effective communications with staff, patients, medical and allied support personnel * Positive supportive/coaching approach to co-workers. * Computer skills * Budgeting and financial knowledge * Good general health * Work is active, some lifting, bending and twisting required * Ability to deal positively in stressful situations * willing to work varied shifts and weekends as needed. * Current BLS and ACLS certification.

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