The Foundation has several donation options including two that allow donors to honor loved ones and/or the medical professionals who take care of them. Honor donations make a positive difference in the lives of our patients by enhancing the medical care provided by our staff.

Grateful Patient Program

Patients of Power County Hospital District often ask how they can honor and thank the wonderful doctors, nurses, therapists, medical technicians, and staff who care for them and their loved ones when they seek medical attention. A gift to the Grateful Patient Program is a meaningful way to do that. Your support helps the District purchase the things that improve the quality of healthcare delivered: state-of-the art equipment, education materials for patients, and home-like amenities for nursing home residents.

When you make a Grateful Patient donation, the District honors those you wish to acknowledge with a letter of congratulations and recognition in the monthly employee newsletter.

Living Memorial Gift

When a friend or family member passes away, those who remain behind sometimes request that contributions made in memory of their loved one be given to the donor’s charity of choice. We ask you to consider making Power County Hospital District Foundation your “charity of choice” on these occasions.  A Living Memorial Gift made to the Foundation is a testimonial to the meaningfulness of the life that has passed on. It is a truly caring way to honor those you love and hold dear while making a tangible investment in local healthcare.

General Donations & Event Sponsorships

The Foundation gladly accepts donations from the public at any time. The Foundation will also send out letters as part of donation campaigns to ask for contributions for large expenses, such as the purchase of the Nursing Home bus.  The Foundation also holds various annual event fundraisers. Your sponsorship and participation at our events is a key factor in helping us to raise the necessary funds to purchase facility equipment.

PCHD Endowment

Think of the PCHD Endowment as a community healthcare savings account that earns interest on donation dollars. The interest is used to fund facility upgrades and major equipment purchases. Since original donation dollars are never spent, the endowment is always earning interest, ensuring that the Foundation has a steady stream of revenue available to assist Power County Hospital District in meeting its infrastructure and equipment needs.

Employee Donation Program

The generosity of our employees with our payroll donation program has helped the Foundation to purchase several items including a blood coagulation analyzer, industrial dishwasher, colon cancer test kits, a mobile vital signs monitor, an infant scale, a hematology analyzer, a defibrillator, a laryngoscope, hi-lo physical exam table, medical freezer, and paint and decorations for the long-term care dining room.


*Please contact Jacklyn Taylor at 226-3200 for more information about any of these donation options. Please consult your tax accountant or the IRS to determine if your contribution is tax deductible.