Construction Begins!

Our major facility renovations are now beginning! We have been working with the architects and construction managers the last several weeks to pull together final plans, phasing, and bids. Safety fencing began May 1st, bid packages and approval will be May 10th, and construction to begin on May 14th!  We will start the phase one renovations with extensive exterior construction to prepare the site for the additions to the main building. This will also include the remodeling of the upper hospital parking lot; addition of new generator, transformer, and oxygen systems and lines; power and phone lines; new machine room and lab to be built; new retaining walls; and helipad excavation.

The east lower end of the property, off Roosevelt Street, will be used for construction staging. The upper parking lot area will be blocked off, but we will leave the closest available street parking on Highland Street open for patients and ambulance transports that are near our current ER/Admissions entrances- these will STAY OPEN!  We are also working with the area emergency helicopter services and EMS for alternative patient transportation sites during the helipad renovations.

The first phase of projects will also include the remodeling of hospital rooms 26-29 to add bathrooms and new systems, flooring, etc. We can then use these rooms for hospital patients as the remodeling of the rest of the hospital is done later in phase two.

We are excited to finally get underway with this remodeling. This first phase of site work will take quite some time to be done.  We ask everyone to watch for changing signage and directions during this time to help with safety and service entrances.  The Hospital and Nursing Home are open 24-7 and we will work hard with the Construction Manager to keep things readily available for patients to continue using as easily as possible. We will also continue to keep the community updated on remodeling progress and information in the local papers and on our Facebook page. We appreciate everyone’s patience and support with the noise, moving, parking, and disruptions to come…In the end, it will all be worth it!

Please see our map with updated parking areas for patients- All ER, Outpatient, & Nursing Home entrances are OPEN!