COVID19 Facility Notices- 3/13/20

PATIENT NOTICE, Effective 3/13/2020:

To help protect our vulnerable patient populations from the potential spread of COVID-19, the Power County Hospital District is instituting the following precautions, until further notice.

  • All Hospital and Nursing Home Access will be limited to 1 door entry for screening and tracking.
  • All patients and visitors must enter the facility through the Hospital Admission door.  Please use the upper parking lot for parking and access.
  • Admission &/or Nursing staff will screen patients with a questionnaire for masks and additional isolation if necessary; then treatment or testing at the discretion of our providers and staff.  Screenings will be done at the hospital and clinics.


We know there is a LOT of information out there about the coronavirus. Added precautions and cancellation of events and activities are being done to help mitigate the spread of this virus.  It will help to protect some of our most vulnerable populations who may need additional healthcare services and not overwhelm our care systems. As this virus progresses, plans will evolve for the best interests of our community and in communication with city, county, state, and federal officials. At this time, we encourage our community members to remain calm, prepared, and do the following:

  1. Rely on credible updates found on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website for all information related to COVID-19.
  2. Follow the usual Flu season precautions to best protect yourself and your family from COVID-19:
    1. Wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds!
    2. Try not  to touch your face!
    3. Sneeze or cough into your elbow or a tissue!
    4. Stay home if you are sick!
    5. Do not visit elderly or immunocompromised friends/family if you are sick!
    6. Regularly disinfect surfaces at home and work.
  3. Current COVID-19 symptoms as part of screenings include:  fever over 100, shortness of breath, cough, and exposure to known COVID-19 individuals.
  4. The Power County Hospital website and Facebook page will continue to post additional patient information related to COVID-19 including access or treatment at the facility or clinics, as things change related to the virus.

Thank you for your cooperation and be safe!

Dallas Clinger, Administrator PCHD