COVID19 Facility Notices- 3/19/2020

Effective:  3/19/2020

PCHD: COVID19 Facility Reminders for the safety & care of our patients & community…

  • We are here to help! The hospital is OPEN with services still available including 24-7 emergency room, inpatient care, lab testing, CT-scans, & X-rays. We highly recommend that if you need elective outpatient testing at this time, that you wait to get it done till a later date to maintain safety in quarantine.  Screenings for COVID19 symptoms, including temperature checks, are still required for entry & services at all PCHD locations.
  • The Power County & Aberdeen Family CLINIC providers & staff are here to listen, treat, & protect our patients! To help reduce any potential spread, if you have a fever >100, cough, shortness of breath, or suspect exposure to someone with COVID19, please CALL 226-1057, BEFORE coming into the clinic for care. We can implement additional protections to minimize spread if we know you are coming & need to be seen!
  • Please limit the number of people with you at clinic appointments or when coming to the hospital to only 1 extra person if necessary. This helps limit everyone’s risks.
  • The Nursing Home will continue to stay secured with no visitors allowed for the protection of our most vulnerable population. If you wish to reach out to loved ones- please call to arrange FaceTime, Skype, or phone call options to stay in touch. They still really need to hear from family & friends.
  • Please follow the recommended quarantine precautions to stay home if at all possible! Utilize online options with all your businesses & vendors if you can!  PCHD has an online bill pay option with links on the Home page of our website!  You can also call 226-3200 ext. 274 to talk with Abigail if you have payment concerns so we can work with you during this difficult time.
  • Unfortunately with the supply shortages that all healthcare facilities are facing, we cannot provide masks, gowns, hand sanitizer, or wipes for the public. We would love to give some to everyone in the community, but must be careful with our available supplies to protect staff & patients as we care for those we see now & into the unknown future.
  • Watch for credible COVID10 information posted on the CDC website or local updates on the SIPH Idaho Facebook page.
  • If you or someone you know needs assistance with food, supplies, medications, etc. There are several local resources & people in our amazing community that are here to help you! Please reach out to them on the Neighbors helping Neighbors in AF Facebook group or City of American Falls page.

Despite the difficulties of this current pandemic, it is wonderful to live in a place where you can also see the goodness & compassion of so many.  Thank you to all those out there doing their best to make a difference & help!  PCHD will continue to be here & ready to help along side you through it all.