COVID19 Facility Notices- 8/21/2020

Please see our COVID-19 page with more information!

Effective:  8/21/2020

PCHD: COVID19 Facility Reminders for the safety & care of our patients & community…

  • We are here to help! The hospital is OPEN with services still available including 24-7 emergency room, inpatient care, lab testing, CT-scans, & X-rays.
    • COVID-19 testing is available at the hospital with a doctor’s order for testing!  Please contact your provider for a testing order. Outpatient testing is available Mon-Fri from 8:00 am-5:00 pm
  • Screenings for COVID19 respiratory symptoms, including temperature checks, are required for entry & services at all PCHD locations.  Please enter at the NEW ER entrance.
  • Masks are required for all individuals in the hospital. Please bring one with you for testing or treatment to help us conserve our limited supplies.
  • Restricted Visitation is now allowed in the Nursing Home.  Please call 226-3200 ext. 100 to schedule an appointment to see a resident during our available visiting hours and detailed rules for visitation. Our rules for visitation will be strictly enforced for the protection of residents. The visitation plan may change at any time if the safety of residents is at risk.
  • Limited visitors are also allowed in the ER and Hospital. Visitors must be screened, wear masks, hand hygiene, and follow all staff and policy precautions for the protection of patients.
  • The Power County & Aberdeen Family CLINIC providers & staff are here to treat & protect patients! If you have a fever >100, cough, shortness of breath, COVID symptoms or exposure, please let staff know when you schedule an appointment for additional instruction on precautions to take when coming to the office; or  TELEHEALTH appointment options may be available for you!
  • Please continue to follow the recommended CDC precautions for hand washing, social distancing, wearing masks, and staying home if you are ill.

We appreciate your cooperation and patience with all these precautions to help us keep everyone safe. PCHD will continue to be here & ready to help along side you through it all.