Fasthealth Letter?

Did you apply for a job with Power County Hospital District from 2010-2016?

If you did, then you may have received a recent letter from the website company FASTHEALTH about a potential breach of personal information related to PCHD.  Unfortunately, they had information taken from their servers and have had to send out letters to all companies and users of the system about this breach and are now are offering to cover personal monitoring services for affected individuals.

You might be wondering, what and whose information was breached?  PCHD utilized this company from 2010-2016 to host and provide its website services, but there was NO PATIENT INFORMATION stored on our website or with the Fasthealth company that is affected by this breach!  All our patient information is and always has been secure on our own separate servers.  The only personal information that PCHD had stored with FastHealth is related to anyone that completed an online employment applications from 2010-2016 with us.

We encourage anyone who receives a letter from FastHealth about this breach to follow the instructions in the letter to follow-up and protect your personal information by pursuing the options for continued monitoring, if desired.  We take patient privacy and personal information very seriously to monitor and protect.  We apologize for any confusion with this matter.