Grateful for Grants!

The PCHD Foundation Board of Directors was very excited and grateful for the many grants and funding in the last 6 months that have helped to purchase several new pieces of equipment for the facility!

The Foundation received a $25,000 grant from the Harry W. Morrison Foundation in 2019 winter to help the facility purchase NEW hospital beds for the Power County Hospital.  The PCHD Foundation offered and additional $11,000 in funding that helped to purchase a total of 6 new Hill Rom Centrella beds that replaced the 25 year old beds previously being used.  The new beds are a wonderful addition in the newly renovated hospital rooms and come with several features for better patient care and safety that was not available on the older beds. Weight scales on the beds are helpful for patient monitoring and medication administration; Bed alarms for patient safety alert staff for falls; Patient call system on the beds makes communication easier; and multiple positioning options make care, treatment, and comfort better for patients. The nursing staff and providers are grateful to have these new beds and all the options they provide for patients.

The Foundation also received a $3,200 grant from the Idaho Community Foundation to purchase all new kitchen appliances for the Nursing Home residents including a new fridge, stove/oven, microwave, and dishwasher.  There were delays in the installation of the new appliances until May with the COVID-19 restrictions in the Nursing Home area.  The Activities Director, Kelsey Gamez is excited to have the new space and appliances available for resident cooking activities. “Everyone loves the smells that come from having the kitchen in the resident area when we are cooking. Nothing smells more like home than fresh baked cookies!” said Kelsey.  The staff and residents are excited to have this area completed and look forward to enjoying more activities and food in the future.

The Foundation is also very grateful to the Southeast Idaho Council of Governments (SICOG) staffs for helping with the grant writing of these project; as well as the contributions of local individuals and businesses to PCHD Foundation fundraising events held each year; and the Employees of PCHD that donate generously each month to the Foundation. The generosity of so many is greatly appreciated that enables the purchase of equipment like this for the hospital and patients in our community.  THANK-YOU to you all!