Grateful for Grants!

The PCHD Foundation Inc. is grateful and excited to receive several grants in the last quarter to help update equipment for the Power County Hospital District.

A grant from the Union Pacific Railroad Foundation for $9000 helped to purchase new emergency decontamination equipment and PAPR suits for staff to work more effectively during a decontamination emergency.  A $25,000 grant received from the Harry W. Morrison Foundation, and matching funds from the Foundation, will help purchase new hospital beds to replace the 20+ year old beds currently being used.  A grant from the Northwest Farm Credit Services helped to purchase a new floor scrubber for the housekeeping staff to make cleaning easier, safer, and better for infection control.  Lastly, two grants from the Idaho Community Foundation for $13,200 will help to purchase a new kitchen appliance package for the Nursing Home residents; and help the facility to purchase a new sign for the entrance of the facility to coincide with the renovations currently in progress.

The Foundation also celebrated a successful Holiday Auction and Cook-off on December 5th that raised over $6000 to help with securing future grant match funding for continued medical equipment upgrades for healthcare services in the community.  The Foundation board appreciates the staff, sponsors, and community that supports and donates to the Foundation to help raise the funding that makes continued quality healthcare upgrades possible.  The Power County Hospital District also collaborates with SICOG (Southeast Idaho Council of Governments) to secure the grant funding and appreciates their hard work in helping to find resources to purchase equipment that improves healthcare for the facility and community.