Healthy Spring Cleaning

This month means Spring Break is here for lots of people! So, if you’re not out on a fun family vacation, then you might as well tackle some spring cleaning!

Giving your house a good ‘deep’ cleaning will clear out the winter germs and bacteria to give your family a healthier start and a clean, decluttered environment relieves stress!  Spring cleaning is about hitting areas, you don’t normally clean! You don’t have to do it all in 1 day, but if you hit a few items and one or two rooms every week for the next month, then you’ll be feeling fresher, healthier and have it all done in no time to enjoy the warm weather to come.

Try these tips to make it easier and hit all the areas you need:

  1. Clean in an organized, efficient manner working from the top down (ceiling to walls to floors). This avoids retracing steps & areas that you will have to re-clean!
  2. Try using non-toxic cleaning products. These can be cheaper, safer, & just as effective to use: white vinegar, baking soda, Borax, liquid soap, hot water, essential oils, toothpaste for silver polishing, old wool for dusting, newspapers, microfiber cloths & more! Google non-toxic cleaning for lots more great tips & products!
  3. Clean items you don’t normally clean or think to clean: mattress covers, shower curtains, dishwashers, fireplace, HVAC filters, chopping boards, washing machine-dryer, kitchen sponges, fridge & freezer, oven hoods/vents, drapery-blinds, move furniture, cabinets, ceiling fans/lights, kids toys!
  4. De-clutter for some added cash! Clean out closets & storage areas to gather up old clothes, toys, items you haven’t used in a year or two & give them to a local charity for tax benefits, sell on Facebook, or organize for a summer yard sale!