Why do we need a Renovation Bond?

Investing in Your Future Health Care

The Power County Hospital District recently celebrated its 55th anniversary at its present location. A LOT has changed in the delivery of health care and with patient expectations during that time. Through these years the District has worked hard to maintain and upgrade the current facility and equipment to offer the community the best quality health care we can. The District is now looking to the community to help us take a much-needed next step in doing some major renovations and expansion to our current aging facility.

The current proposed plan from the Board of Trustees will expand and renovate the facility in all service areas, including the hospital, emergency room, nursing home, therapy, and business areas for a total renovation expense of approximately $15.25 million dollars. The board and administration will be meeting with many area groups in the coming months for the community’s input on the proposed renovation plans to help us complete a final bond proposal for the public to consider at the November 2016 election.

Why do we need a capital renovation bond for the Hospital District?

Aging Facility

The current building was completed in 1961 and the District has made many small renovations and updates over the last 55 years at its current location, but a lot has changed in the delivery of health care during this time. Many community buildings have been upgraded during this time including the library, schools, courthouse, EMS buildings, and city buildings. The board is asking the community to consider an investment into the future of its health now.

Patient Expectations & Convenience

We want to meet your needs and expectations for a modern, comfortable, and convenient facility. These renovations will increase parking, provide even easier access to services for patients and visitors, along with added space and amenities for hospital and nursing home private rooms and bathrooms.

Workflows & Space

Space is always in demand and the expansion wing will provide for the much needed additional space that all departments are in need of. The reorganization of the facility will also allow us to create better service zones for safety and convenience of patients and staff.

Safety & Energy Efficiency

Updating the facility will save the District in more energy efficient systems such as heating, cooling, water, and generator expenses as well as safety and security systems such as fire sprinklers, cameras, transfers, and access.

Old vs. New

The Hospital District does own property on the south end of town and the board received a rough estimated cost of $25-30 million dollars to build a new facility on this property. At this time the board feels the reduced renovation estimates would update the current facility to meet the District and community needs into the future.

We appreciate everyone’s consideration of this large request and look forward to the open dialogue and suggestions in the coming months on our proposal and the future of the facility. If you are interested in helping to be a part of a steering committee to help us develop the final plans or have renovation or service suggestions for the board to consider, please contact Dallas Clinger, Administrator at the Hospital or a Board of Trustee member.

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