Hospital Renovation Bond- Spring Update!

The upcoming area elections will propose some important updates needed to facilities in our county. These proposals, while at a cost for us all, can also help make a lasting economic difference, provide better services, and drive further area development to benefit us all. One of those bond election options being proposed are for renovations of the Power County Hospital and Nursing Home at the May 16th primary election.

The District will be asking the community and voters to support a 30-year bond for $14.95 million dollars to complete the project renovations. The District will be contributing the final $300,000 in savings towards the total project expense of $15.25 million dollars for all the renovations that are needed. This bond will cost county taxpayers $1.00 per thousand dollars of assessed value after exemptions. For example, a house valued at $100,000 with $50,000 exemption would cost $50 per year. The current high school bond will be paid off in 2018 and is currently costing taxpayers $1.58 per thousand dollars. We encourage taxpayers to review their assessments from the county to calculate the impact to your own personal budget for the hospital bond cost and applicable high school bond removal savings.

While cost and taxes are a concern for all of us, it is important to also consider the implications of the renovations.  The current hospital and nursing home facility is now 56 years old and has had no major renovations completed during that time. The Hospital District has also never asked for a renovation bond from the community during this time. The facility is now in need of major updates that can offer everyone a more modern and comfortable facility to improve patient care, safety, and department workflows along with improved building efficiencies. All of the proposed changes are essential to complete, but not excessive or purely cosmetic to make the most of your taxpayer dollars.  Many have worked very hard to put together these plans with provider, community, and staff input to fix all areas in the hospital, nursing home, and outpatient areas that will help us grow into the future. We want to give our community a facility they deserve and will better utilize. A project of this size and scope will also help further potential economic development for our area and help recruit more providers and services.

We know many of you may still have questions about the plans and in the coming weeks this spring we will be sharing more details and information about the project to make sure everyone can be an educated voter about the project and needs. We also encourage everyone to go to our website to view plan details or please don’t hesitate to contact Administrator, Dallas Clinger or Jacklyn Taylor at 226-3200 or a board member with your concerns about the project. This is an important investment into the future of health care and development for our community and we appreciate your support and interests in making this project a reality.