Less is MORE for Holiday Celebrations!

The holiday season is upon us and 2020 will be one to always remember.  This year will be different with the added COVID precautions we should all be taking. It doesn’t mean these changes will be forever!  It doesn’t mean that Christmas is ruined!  We encourage everyone to try and embrace a few changes that will make this a SAFE and even more meaningful holiday.  So start thinking outside the box for a little creativity to adapt old traditions and maybe even make some new ones to enjoy the holidays safely with those you love just like any other year.  Here are some ideas to get you thinking and see the brighter side of this new holiday season…

  • Keep gatherings to smaller groups. This can actually make things easier for you if you embrace the ‘less is more’ concept… less cooking, less cleaning, less presents, less bills, less scheduling of parties or events, less stress!  Embrace it and enjoy a more relaxed and easy going holiday season with just your immediate family this year.
  • Go outside! We know it can be cold, but get outside and do more holiday activities.  It’s safer for everyone to be outside to reduce the spread of COVID.  Take your immediate family and go sledding, skiing, take walks, make a snowman, drive around to see the lights, go caroling at neighbor houses (stay 6 feet away). Being outside is good for your health.
  • Utilize technology to stay in touch! Everyone should be pretty good at FaceTime, Zoom, and video messaging by now. Continue to utilize this technology to stay in touch with those you love near and far.  Schedule regular weekly holiday chats with family and help others who are technology-averse to try and embrace it too- buy grandma that Smartpad!
  • Embrace online shopping! If you hate shopping or struggle with the crowds this time of year, now is the best time to utilize the power of online shopping and grocery pick-ups- if you haven’t already!  This is safer and easier to get things crossed off your lists- just be sure to account for shipping delays.
  • Adapt old traditions to safer new ones! Get creative and find ways to still do some of your favorite family Christmas traditions with a safe new twist by doing them with just your immediate family and sharing with others utilizing technology…
    • FaceTime grandma while you make her favorite cookies then send her some.
    • Make Christmas videos of opening presents to send grandparents.
    • Have grandma read a Christmas story and send to grandkids to watch.
    • Play holiday games with multiple family members on Zoom.
  • Tis better to give, than receive! One of the reasons the holidays are always so special is the amount of love and generosity that is given by so many.  If you enjoyed helping others in the past, don’t let COVID stop you now.  Continue to find ways to SAFELY donate your time or gifts to others in need!  This year more than ever, many people are struggling with feelings of isolation and loss, so give what you can to help out in the community or family and friends.  Donate to the food bank, help deliver meals to the elderly, mail a care package to armed services overseas, adopt a family in need for Christmas, donate coats or winter items, deliver a holiday meal to an elderly friend, send Christmas cards or handwritten note to those that might need some encouragement.  Every little bit will help someone this year!


From everyone at Power County Hospital District we thank you for your patronage and patience in the last year with extra COVID precautions and continued construction

We wish you all a healthy and happy holiday season!