Making a difference for you…a testimony of our care

Power County Hospital District has served the community and its health care needs for 55 years. It is an important asset in our community in not only caring for our residents, but in recruiting businesses and making an economic impact to the community.  The District genuinely wants to help and care for all our patients, families, and employees to meet their needs, as evidenced in their testimonials below…


“I was grateful to not have to go to Pocatello for my hospital stay. Being closer to my family with more personal care from the staff was wonderful. Everyone was awesome and cheerful from Dr. Seibold and the nurses to the cooks bringing me snacks. This hospital is a great little asset for our community but it needs upgrades and improvements like bathrooms and amenities to make it an even more wonderful facility for everyone.” 

Rose Ramsey, AF Resident

“I have been very pleased with my experiences at PC Hospital. Recently, I was treated with professionalism and care when my 17-year-old son and I made a visit to the ER. My son has a severe peanut allergy and had taken a bite of a cookie that contained peanut butter while at a high school event. As a mother, I immediately experienced an awful feeling of dread. With epi-pen in hand we made the short drive across town to the ER. My fears were calmed as we were taken immediately to a room so that my son could be monitored and we were seen within minutes by a competent, caring doctor. When time counts, peace of mind is Power County Hospital. I will be voting YES on the upcoming Power County Hospital District renovation bond.” 

Ann Beck Family, AF Residents

“I live between AF and Aberdeen and one winter evening one of my children suffered a severe bronchitis attack. As I drove down the icy highway to AF watching my child fight for air as their lips turned blue, I can’t tell you how relieved I was when I got to PC hospital and Wayne Thomas was waiting to administer a breathing treatment to my child. I hate to think how different things might have turned out if I would have had to drive to Pocatello.” 

Jim Chapman Jr., Board of Trustee

 “On February 5, 2015, an aortic aneurism caused me to collapse in my home. After two hours of stabilization here in Power County, involving the skills of Dr. Seibold and Dr. Delarosa, I was transported to Portneuf Medical Center for 5 1/2 hours of open heart surgery performed by Dr. Delarosa and his team. Seventeen days later I returned to American Falls to continue physical therapy and cardio rehab with Tom Sutton and Melissa Olson. By June I was walking 1 1/2 miles daily. We have many talented and dedicated people who work in and with our hospital. They and the community deserve an up-to-date facility in which to do that work.” 

Ann Wheeler, AF Resident

“The professionals in the Power County Hospital PT department played a significant role in my recovery of total joint replacements on both hips and knees. Over a 6-month period, Tom Sutton and his staff worked tirelessly on my old worn out and diseased joints as they were each gradually replaced. Their vast knowledge and experience greatly enhanced my recovery after each surgery and they are only a short drive away form my home. I spent many hours in therapy and it was hard work but I was able to go from a power chair to completing a 1.5 K marathon in 1 year! Everyday I am grateful that I am on my feet and able to walk, because I had an excellent surgeon and supportive local therapy team with Tom and his staff. I can now enjoy meeting my goal of enjoying a walk on the beach with my husband.” 

Betty Huse, AF Resident

“The upgrades and renovations being planned with the nursing home and hospital bond would be so wonderful for the residents living there. From the private rooms and bathrooms to the added family spaces and upgrades to flooring and fixtures. These are truly needed to enhance the life of my mom and others living there along with helping the staff to better meet their needs.”

Terri Miller, AF Resident

“The Power County Hospital District services are integral to caring for the citizens and community of Power County. The investment of the community into its facilities and future services will benefit everyone. We fully support and encourage the efforts to improve the resources and quality of health care for the area.”

J.R. Simplot Company

“A hospital is key to the strength of any community. Investing into the future of local hospital facilities will reap rewards for everyone by keeping quality health care close to home. Community hospitals provide significant economic impact and quality jobs. Supporting local hospitals not only leads to improved patient quality, safety and satisfaction but also positions the community for success as healthcare continues to evolve. We encourage communities to support the development of our rural hospitals for a healthier Idaho.”

Idaho Hospital Association



The renovation plans and upcoming bond will help us take an important next step in continuing to meet the community’s needs now and into the future.  These renovations will improve patient access; help us recruit providers and additional services; and allow us to continue our mission in providing quality care, close to home for everyone.  Please contact us at 208-226-3200 or checkout the other information here on our website about the upcoming fall bond and renovation plans for the Hospital District.