Need Lab Tests? Like Cookies?

Need Lab Tests? Like Cookies?

Need lab testing? Like cookies? Get both the week of April 23rd at Power County Hospital during National Laboratory Professionals Lab Week!

We are celebrating with patients to thank our amazing Lab Techs this month for all the hard work they do for our patients- Debbie Russell, Heather Harwell, Tim Ferguson, Ed Bakker, Shelley Maxey, Craig Mullen, Kathleen Thorsen, and Joy Dyorich.

Stop in the week of April 23rd to get your testing done and a little treat on us!! Just be sure to tell those Techs thanks, BEFORE they stick you!


We also want to give a BIG special thanks to our recently retired longtime Professional Services Director AND Lab Guy-  ROCK ROY!  No party was requested and he’s already moved on to his full-time work remodeling his home, spending time on the river, and looks forward to more adventures and fun with family.  Rock has worked for the Power County Hospital for 49 years!- although there is some debate on this, because “back in the day” we didn’t have an HR department to track all this employment stuff, so it might only be 48.5 years according to him!

We wish him all the best in his retirement adventures and will miss him greatly!