PCHD Renovation Highlights

The current proposed plan from the Board of Trustees will expand and renovate the facility in all service areas, including the hospital, emergency room, nursing home, therapy, and business areas for a total renovation expense of approximately $15.25 million dollars. The board and administration will be meeting with many area groups in the coming months for the community’s input on the proposed renovation plans to help us complete a final bond proposal for the public to consider at the November 2016 election.

  • Updated/efficient safety and environmental systems including the HVAC, generator, electrical, technology, oxygen, suction, lighting, and fire sprinkler systems.
  • Expand to private hospital rooms with private bathrooms. Licensed beds to remain at 10.
  • Expand to private nursing home patient rooms with private bathrooms. Licensed beds to remain at 20.
  • Improved patient access to services and clearer entrances for patients, families, and staff.
  • Increased parking- 15 spot covered parking garage and increased parking along back of facility.
  • Covered ambulance-transfer entrance.
  • Direct easier transfers to helipad from the ER/hospital wing and additional larger elevator for bed transfers.
  • Increased storage areas for supplies and departments.
  • Updated interior flooring, walls and exterior finishes.
  • More efficient workflows for department and staff communication.
  • Administration, board, and human resources onsite.
  • Brand new outpatient therapy building.
  • Pink Lady gift shop.
  • Chapel area for families.
proposed-resident-room proposed-nurses-station proposed-upper-entrance