Proposed Hospital Floor Plan

Proposed LOWER Level Floor Plan

The LOWER level becomes the MAIN entrance for the Skilled Nursing Facility (Nursing Home) to make it easier for family access. Additional covered parking garage with 15 spaces in place of the helipad. Reconfigured parking and entrance on the lower level for easier access for family/guest parking.

Proposed Lower Level Floor Plan

GOLD AREA: Skilled Nursing Facility Rooms (Nursing Home)

  • NEW ADDITION of approximately 7400 sq. ft. on the bottom floor to create private resident rooms (16 private and 2 double rooms)
  • Addition of private bathrooms for all resident rooms
  • Added physical therapy room
  • Added family room
  • Added beauty shop area
  • Additional larger elevator for easier access to upper hospital services for residents
  • All support services- social services, activities, nurses’ station will be centrally located for residents

BLUE AREA: Professional Services- housekeeping, supplies, dietary, maintenance, shop, mechanical areas

  • Added storage in these areas for supplies, IT, maintenance, and increase in kitchen size with added freezer.

RED AREA: New entrance area for Skilled Nursing Facility

  • Lobby area for families
  • Added dining area for staff, guests, and meetings
  • Separate Pink Lady Gift Shop area and storage

Proposed UPPER Level Floor Plan

The UPPER level becomes the MAIN entrance for all Hospital services to make it easier for patient and family access. The hallways have also been reconfigured to make finding services easier with direct routes.

Proposed UPPER Level Floor Plan

RED AREA: Emergency Services and Hospital Rooms

  • A new and separate ER entrance with covered portico for the ambulance
  • Additional 2 large ER exam rooms and 3rd smaller exam room
  • All ER areas and hospital rooms near central nurse’s station
  • All hospital rooms will have private bathrooms along with an added bariatric room
  • Overflow patient rooms for visiting specialists, IV therapy, telemedicine services, etc.
  • ER support services centrally located for better workflow- providers, supplies/linens, pharmacy
  • Raised helipad structure to the upper floor for easier and faster direct access for emergency and life flight transfers (parking garage below)

BLUE AREA: Outpatient Services- Admissions, Lab, Radiology, Exam Rooms

  • Additional parking spaces (10) near the ER and outpatient entrances for patients/visitors
  • A new Admissions and Billing lobby/entrance for outpatient services- radiology, IV therapy, lab, etc.
  • Larger and more convenient access to lab services with separate blood draw room and waiting area
  • Chapel area

NEW ADDITION: approximately 7400 sq. ft. on top floor

This will allowus to get all offices onto the same campus and REMOVE the current Physical Therapy/Human Resources trailer on the corner of Gifford and Roosevelt.

GREEN AREA: Business Offices- Billing, Medical Records, Human Resources, Added Storage

BLUE AREA at END: Administration, Board Room, IT offices, CFO, Accounts Payable

Other Upgrades

  • Mechanical system
  • Electrical system and Generator
  • Asbestos Abatement
  • Fire Sprinkler Replacement
  • Ceiling and Flooring Replacement
  • New/additional elevator
  • New pavement to all parking areas
  • Landscaping
  • NEW 2500 sq. ft. Physical Therapy Building- it will replace the administration building, currently across the street from the ER entrance