Radiology Remodel Complete!

We recently completed renovations to the radiology area, as part of our first project with our major remodel!  The room got updates to the flooring, walls, electrical, paint, lighting, ventilation and the latest digital wireless technology! It is the newest full digital X-ray system available in all of Southeast Idaho!  The system produces superfast, clearer, and safer images for patients, staff, and providers to view for better diagnostics! The scans will continue to be upload to our regional network to be read by area Radiologists and available for area providers and specialists to view for continued patient care, treatment, or transfer.

Stop by for a quick tour OR CHECKOUT OUR SLIDESHOW of pictures of the remodel process and new system. 

We hope you will choose the Power County Hospital for all your CT-scan and X-ray testing needs- now faster, better, and easier than ever!


To update you on the rest of the remodel…We are working with our architects and construction manager to begin renovating some of the hospital rooms and generator installation to begin the end of this month.  The rooms will be remodeled with full bathrooms to make bathing easier for patients (instead of going down the hall) as well as a new exam room space for outpatient services such as IV Therapy, Ultrasounds, and Visiting Specialists. We will move services currently utilizing this space to other hospital areas for continued use for patients and will work with construction to keep inconveniences to a minimum.

The architects and construction are also working on final details for the installation of a new generator system and mechanical room to the east end of the facility and some helipad excavation work to also be done this spring. The final renovation plans and bid packages are anticipated to go out in May-June to contractors for the rest of the project. We will continue to keep you updated on our progress here on our website and on our Facebook page .

We appreciate our community’s support to make these projects happen and your patience during the remodeling!