THANK-YOU for your Support!

I am elated that the residents of Power County came out in support of the bond election on Tuesday, May 16th. Thank you for your support of our project.  Many hours of preparation and planning have gone in to this project and it is certainly pleasing to see it come to fruition.

I especially want to thank our Hospital Board of Trustees: Brian Adair, Brian Barclay, Brandon Bowen, Jim Chapman Jr, Kim Dean, John Elleson and Ana Rowe; for their vision, their insights and their hard work in promoting this renovation and addition project. Our employees, our Pink Ladies and PCHD Foundation were also very helpful in our bond election campaign.  I want to thank Jackie Taylor our Administrative Assistant and Marketing Director, for her hours and hours of work preparing and organizing this campaign, presenting the project to clubs and organizations, printing pamphlets, posting on Facebook and preparing the articles and insert for the paper.

Last but certainly not least, I also want to thank our citizen’s committee for the help they gave in promoting this project. Curry Andrews for the idea of having an essay project and providing the laptop as a prize as well as other insightful recommendations. Thanks to Ann Wheeler and Launa Snow for their tireless efforts in promoting the bond.  Thank you to the American Falls High School FFA and HOSA club chapters for all their help in distributing information to the community. I want to give thanks to all our community members who put signs in their yards and places of business endorsing this bond election.

We are already underway in meeting with our bond attorneys and bank to move forward with the bond sale at the end of the summer. We are also beginning the process to work with architects on the very detailed drawings and specs of the renovations. We anticipate this process to take about 9 months to complete and then packages available for construction bids next spring so we can begin construction in the summer of 2018. The entire construction process will take about 2 years to complete after that. We are excited to move forward with these plans and will continue to keep the community updated on plans and progress on our website and Facebook page. Thank you again for your support in promoting quality care, close to your home!


Dallas Clinger,


Power County Hospital District