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Power County Hospital District Renovation Project

**A video slideshow of our construction project can also be viewed HERE on YOUTUBE!


Project History…

In the winter of 2016, the Power County Hospital District Board of Trustees and Administration strategic planning outlined the proposal to begin pursuing preliminary plans and drawings for a total renovation of the 55 year-old CAH hospital and Skilled Nursing Facility.  The Administration and staff began the crusade to secure a community capital renovation bond in the Summer of 2016 to secure the funds for the estimated $15.25 million dollar project.

The first community bond failed in November 2016 with a 59.78% approval, but needed a supermajority 66.6%.  The second bond election was held in May 2017 with a 69% approval from the community for $14.95 million dollars of the renovation cost and the District to make up the difference for a total project of $15.25 million.  The Board and Administration then moved forward in 2017 with architect drawings and construction phasing preparations.  Construction bid packages went out in spring 2018 for the project.  The architect firm used on this project is Myers-Anderson from Pocatello and the Construction Management company selected was Construction Services, Inc. from Pocatello. We are excited to be working with both companies and their strong local ties to our area to do our community proud with this project!

Phase 1

The District started Phase 1 in January 2018 with the remodel of the new X-ray room. The room was completely updated with including the installation of a new digital, wireless X-ray system- state of the art and a first in our region!  May 2018 kicked-off things with a bang and lots of excavation work to the property. The following work was completed as part of Phase 1, including adding retaining walls were added to the Southeast side of the property; New cables, fiber, power, and plumbing systems installed with excavation work; Upper parking lot was excavated, expanded and opened in October 2018; New machine room and laboratory were addition; First 3 hospital rooms in the East wing were fully renovated for patient use in October 2018; West side of the property was excavated for a new covered parking garage and elevated helipad.

Phase 2

Phase 2 areas were completed November 2019 including the following:  New helipad opened the end of July for emergency air transfers; New parking garage completed (10/10/19) and available for visitor, staff parking; Front lower parking lot completed for use; Renovations of the east upper floor with NEW laboratory and offices completed for use; New main mechanical systems are installed for operation (electrical, plumbing, computer, medical gas, fire suppression, etc.); 13 of the 21 New Nursing Home rooms are completed for use along with added new family room and beauty room; 7 of the 10 new private hospital rooms are completed for patient use along with central supply, emergency room, and nurse station area completion.

Phase 3

Phase 3 areas were completed in Spring 2020 including: New Nursing Home nurses station, staff offices, and completion of more resident private rooms; New ER entrance with admission offices; New larger double emergency room, exam room, and pharmacy; Exterior and brickwork completed around the building and property.

Phase 4

Due to the COVID-19 precautions, construction was delayed in these areas, but continued as quickly as possible with the remaining general bond funds. Not all areas in the original project could be completed due to rising construction costs that were above build estimates made in 2016.  Hospital operation funding helped to complete some areas previously cut in the project. Phase 4 final areas were completed by Spring 2021 include the following: Radiology suite; Completion of final hospital & ICU/Observation rooms; Updates to main kitchen and cafeteria; Central Supply updated; Nursing Home dining room, living room area, and final resident rooms totaling 21; Lobby with gift shop; ER entrance canopy; and Hospital Outpatient Entrance.

Phase 5

The District was able to save funding and after a long delay due to COVID precautions was able to proceed with the final Phase of renovations that were completed in August 2023. This final phase finished business office and training spaces in the upper East end of the hospital for better hospital business workflows, efficiencies and communication.

Next Phase… 2024-2025

The District is now moving forward with the construction of a new Therapy building for physical, occupational, and speech therapy services in Spring 2024. The new building will be located at 488 Highland Street, across from the main hospital campus.  The District is excited to completing this final phase of a multi-year renovation plan to update healthcare facilities and services for the community. The PCHD Foundation Inc. is also excited to help this final phase of the project and recently received a $310,000 grant from the MJ Murdock Charitable Trust to help with the construction and is also working on raising funds for an additional $90,000 match with Murdock that is available towards the project! Look for more updates about this project and fundraising on our website, Facebook posts and local paper.