Keep Calm, Wash Your Hands, & Stay Home!

COVID-19 has become a daily central story in our lives as cases of the virus have spread around the world, U.S. and now Power County.  Power County Hospital District wants to help continue ensuring that our community is educated and prepared for this virus.  The following information are some reminders and recommendations along with links to helpful website to help answer your questions.

First, we remind everyone to FOLLOW the recommendations of state & federal guidelines to help prevent widespread contamination in our area:

  • Idaho still has limited quarantine orders in place with a 4-stage reopening process planned. Go to the Idaho COVID-19 website for more details on the virus and opening stages.
  • Follow CDC precautions to help slow the spread!  This includes frequent handwashing, social distancing, & wearing a mask in public settings.
  • If you are sick- stay home, except to get medical care!
  • How to Protect Yourself and Others!


PCHD Facility Reminders:

  • Visitors are not allowed in the Nursing Home at this time. This is for the protection of our most vulnerable population. Alternate communication options such as Skype or FaceTime is available to stay in contact with loved ones. Please call 226-3200 to make arrangements.
  • Visitors will not be allowed in the Hospital. At this time, only patients will be allowed into treatment areas. This is for the protection of our patients and staff; and to help limit our supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Everyone entering PCHD facilities will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms. Please look for signage at entrances for direction to appropriate triage and treatment.
  • Please bring a mask with you to wear in the facility, if you have one, to help us save our limited supplies.
  • If you do have symptoms and need to seek help at the clinics or hospital, please call ahead if possible so our staff can do extra preparations and precautions for patient treatment.
  • COVID-19 virus and antibody collection testing is now available at Power County Hospital. A doctor’s order is required for testing. Please call your doctor to discuss testing options and an order can be sent to the hospital. Virus tests are currently $120 for self pay patients. Insurance coverage varies for the test, please review your provider’s plan for cost information.


Helpful & Credible Resources for more information that we recommend:


Lastly, we want to reassure you that PCHD is taking precautions for patients, if the illness spreads in our area:

  • Additional patient screenings, protocols are in place to assess patients upon facility entry for the risk of COVID-19.
  • Staff communication and training is ongoing for personal protective equipment, handwashing, facility cleaning, and patient/staff precautions.
  • Additional communication and coordination efforts about COVID-19 are ongoing by PCHD and shared with area facilities, health department, state task force, county, and the CDC.

We will get through this! PCHD staff & providers greatly appreciate your support as we prepare to fight & care for patients in need during this time.  Thank-you!