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Physical Therapy:  208-226-2476

Power County Physical Therapy provides you with the convenience of a full-range of therapy services to help you with rehabilitation, post-surgical, or preventative therapy evaluation, exercise, and treatment for all ages. Conditions range from orthopedic disorders to neurological, pain management, cardiac, or wound care. Therapy plans are personalized for each patient to maximize your goals and reach your full potential!

Our friendly and experienced staff includes Julie Colt, MPT, and PTA’s Tessa Hansen and Kilee Lehman who are here to help you in your recovery process! They see patients in our hospital for rehab, skilled nursing facility, and Outpatient Clinic (592 Gifford Avenue). Please call 208-226-2476 to for more information about therapy options or to schedule your treatment with Power County Hospital.


Occupational Therapy:  208-226-3200 ext. 215

Occupational Therapy can provide patients with a specialized treatment for problems related to changes in the brain and body that may have resulted from injury, abnormality, disease, or aging.  Our experienced and certified Doctorate of Occupational Therapy, Kylee Permann is available to see patients of all ages to conduct a diagnostic evaluation and help develop a treatment plan to maximize your personal recovery goals.

Kylee loves doing occupational therapy for the opportunity to work with all ages and abilities and to help them learn or relearn how to connect with their environment and achieve the goal of living life to the fullest!  For more information about how occupational therapy could benefit you or to schedule an appointment with Kylee, please call 226-3200 ext. 215.

Kilee Lehman PTA

Tessa Hansen PTA

Marisol Madrigal – Reception/Admissions