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The PCHD Foundation, Incorporated supports Power County Hospital District’s ongoing efforts to provide the wide range of quality, convenient medical and health education services that area residents need and deserve by cultivating financial resources, building community support, and creating opportunities for everyone to work together to develop exceptional local healthcare. The PCHD Foundation, Incorporated was created in 2000. It is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit public charity.

Donations to the Foundation

Donations from people like you helped the Foundation purchase many items including patient beds, CT scanner, an ECG machine, laboratory test analyzers, vascular doppler, therapy exercise equipment, patient lifts, CPR equipment, emergency stretchers, defibrillators, free community lab testing and much more.



The Foundation works diligently to cultivate new funding opportunities and to responsibly manage and distribute the financial resources over which it has stewardship so that it effectively supports District endeavors to provide quality healthcare that meets or exceeds prevailing medical standards.


Events & Activities

The Foundation hosts several events during the year to raise additional funds for equipment needs. We appreciate the community’s support of these events and donations to make them a success. Look for updated website posts or on the PCHD Facebook page for details about specific events including: Spring Hospital Golf Classic, Capital Equipment Campaigns, Landscape Workdays, and Christmas Auction and Cook-off.

The PCHD Foundation has several donation options including two that allow donors to honor loved ones and/or the medical professionals who take care of them. Honor donations make a positive difference in the lives of our patients by enhancing the medical care provided by our staff.

Grateful Patient Program

Patients of Power County Hospital District often ask how they can honor and thank the wonderful doctors, nurses, therapists, medical technicians, and staff who care for them and their loved ones when they seek medical attention. A gift to the Grateful Patient Program is a meaningful way to do that. Your support helps the District purchase the things that improve the quality of healthcare delivered: state-of-the art equipment, education materials for patients, and home-like amenities for skilled nursing residents.

When you make a Grateful Patient donation, the District honors those you wish to acknowledge with a letter of congratulations and recognition in the monthly employee newsletter.


Living Memorial Gift

When a friend or family member passes away, those who remain behind sometimes request that contributions made in memory of their loved one be given to the donor’s charity of choice. We ask you to consider making PCHD Foundation your “charity of choice” on these occasions.  A Living Memorial Gift made to the Foundation is a testimonial to the meaningfulness of the life that has passed on. It is a truly caring way to honor those you love and hold dear while making a tangible investment in local healthcare for future generations.


General Donations & Event Sponsorships

The Foundation gladly accepts donations from the public at any time. The Foundation will also send out letters as part of donation campaigns to ask for contributions for large expenses, such as the purchase of the Nursing Home bus.  The Foundation also holds various annual event fundraisers. Your sponsorship and participation at our events is a key factor in helping us to raise the necessary funds to purchase facility equipment.


Employee Donation Program

The generosity of our employees with our payroll donation program has helped the Foundation to purchase several items including a blood coagulation analyzer, industrial dishwasher, colon cancer test kits, mobile vital signs monitor, infant scale, defibrillator, laryngoscope, physical exam table, medical freezer, and paint and decorations for the skilled nursing facility.

*Please contact Jacklyn Taylor at 226-3200 for more information about any of these donation options. Please consult your tax accountant or the IRS to determine if your contribution is tax deductible.

Your donation dollars are put to work quickly! Combined with the donation dollars of others and grant funding, they are used to purchase medical equipment and make facility upgrades—things that make Power County Hospital District a more effective healthcare provider for you, your family, friends, and neighbors.  At least 90% of your donation dollars are used for medical equipment and facility upgrades in our Hospital, Skilled Nursing Facility, Family Clinics, and Physical Therapy Clinic!

Thank you to all our recent grantors that have helped match Foundation funds that allow us to purchase much needed equipment and items to continue providing great healthcare for our community!

  • New Hospital Beds, Harry W. Morrison Foundation
  • Emergency Room Stretchers, Power County Development Authority
  • Kitchen Oven and Equipment, Ash Grove Company
  • Elevator Safety Update, Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation
  • Community art and photography displays, F.M., Anne G., & Beverly B. Bistline Foundation
  • Emergency Preparedness PAPR suits, UPRR Foundation
  • New Auto Floor Scrubber, Hygiene Stations, & Washer/Dryer set, Northwest Farm Credit Services
  • Landscaping & Beautification, Point-of-Care Ultrasound, and Kitchen Appliance Package for Nursing Home residents, Idaho Community Foundation
  • New Facility Signage, IFFT
  • New Gas Grill/Oven, MDU Resources Foundation
  • New ER & ICU wall otoscope sets, J.R. Simplot Foundation


Since its inception in 2000, the Foundation has purchased or helped to purchase various items for the District, including the following:

Acute Care Hospital

  • Blood Warmer to heat the blood of hypothermic patients in order to restore normal body temperatures.
  • EKG machine to monitor heart rhythms.
  • Vascular Doppler to detect blood clots and to monitor fetal heart rates.
  • Call Light System. Paid in part with a grant from Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation and an anonymous donor.
  • Chair Scale to weigh those who cannot stand.
  • CPR Training Equipment
  • Steady Lift to build arm and leg strength while assisting patients as they walk. Paid in part with a grant from UPRR Foundation and donation from the Pink Lady Auxiliary.
  • Double-paned, insulated, energy efficient windows
  • Defibrillator to restore normal heart rhythms when patients are in cardiac arrest. Paid in part with a grant from Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation, Inc.
  • CPR training materials
  • Mobile Vital Sign Monitors. Paid in part by the Northwest Farm Credit Services Foundation, The Kissler Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation, and the Gladys E. Langroise Advised Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation

Family Clinics

  • Autoclave Instrument Sterilizer. Paid in part with a grant from UPRR Foundation.
  • Baby Scale & Changing Table
  • Adjustable Height Exam Table accommodates those unable to climb onto traditional exam tables.
  • Colon Cancer Test Kits for patients age 50+ at their annual check-ups. Paid for in part with Pink Lady Auxiliary

Laboratory & Radiology

  • CT Scanner. Paid in part with grant and loan from the USDA.
  • ECG monitor for tracking heart rhythms
  • Blood Gas Analyzer to check for heart attacks and strokes. Paid in part with grant from the Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation, Inc.
  • Blood Coagulation Monitor to measure blood thickness. Paid in part with grant from Idaho Power and donation from the Pink Lady Auxiliary.
  • Blood Chemistry Analyzer to run general blood tests. Paid in part with grant and loan from the USDA.
  • Hematology Analyzer to run blood tests. Paid in part with a grant from Laura Moore Foundation and anonymous donor.

Physical Therapy Clinic

  • Dynamometer to measure grip strength.
  • Vital Wrap System to treat muscle and tendon injuries.
  • Pulse Oximeter to monitor heart rates during physical therapy.
  • Cuff Rehabilitation Weights to strengthen wrists.
  • High-Low therapy table to accommodate people unable to climb on traditional exam tables.

Power County Skilled Nursing Facility

  • Reliant lift-scale to help residents get out of bed and weigh those unable to stand.
  • Music System for residents
  • Vital Signs Monitor. Paid in part with a grant from UPRR Foundation.
  • Bariatric trapeze to assist residents as they turn in bed and get out of bed.

Power County Hospital Maintenance/Support Services/IT

  • Housekeeping linen carts, industrial vacuum, floor scrubber, supply carts.
  • Dietary Kitchen gas oven, refrigerator, industrial dishwasher, and steam table.
  • Storage Area Network (SAN). The SAN increases storage space for the large amount of data generated on a daily basis. Funded in part with ASPR grant and loan from the USDA.


The PCHD Foundation, Incorporated is governed by a seven member volunteer Board of Directors who serve three year terms. Four directors are appointed by the Board of Trustees and three by the Foundation Board.  The monthly operations of the Foundation are managed by an Executive Director.

The Foundation also invites area residents to serve as non-voting associate members. Associate members typically participate in the planning and execution of Foundation fund raising events such as Auction, Golf Tournament and Workdays.

Foundation Board

Jeff Trappett, President

Jeff is retired from the Union Pacific Railroad. He is an avid motorcyclist and enjoys traveling with his wife to see children and grandchildren every chance he gets!


Dallas Clinger, Member

Dallas has been CEO of Power County Hospital District for over twelve years. Prior to that, he worked part-time for the District as its CFO. He is an active participant in the Idaho Hospital Association (IHA). He also served on the local school board for many years and now enjoys motorcycle riding and travel with his wife to see their kids and grandkids in his spare time.


Dan Hammond, Member

Dan is currently retired and worked many years in the area cattle industry. He now enjoys traveling with his wife and time with his large extended family, as well as staying busy serving on the local City Council.


Rjay Hawkes, Member

Rjay is now retired from his mobile welding business that he ran for over 30 years in the American Falls area. He now enjoys time helping in the community where he can and spending time with this large extended family of kids and grandkids whenever possible.


Sarah Smith, Treasurer

Sarah has a strong background in accounting and books and helps run their local family businesses. She also stays busy watching her kids participate in school and community events. She respects her fellow Directors and believes in the PCHD Foundation and its mission to provide great healthcare for the community and families.


Eric Gomez, Member

Eric works in Sales for BFC Solutions. He and is wife recently moved back to American Falls and are excited to raise their children here with family and friends nearby. Eric loves golfing and volunteering to help in the community and has worked with several Community Organizations over the years.


Alondra Garcia, Member

Alondra works at Advantage Plus Credit Union. She has 4 beautiful daughters and stays very busy with their dance and sport activities and helping in the community whenever she can.


Jacklyn Taylor, Executive Director

Jacklyn has been with Power County Hospital District for fifteen + years and grew-up on a farm in the area. She was appointed as the PCHD Foundation’s Executive Director in 2018. She loves this community and its generosity.  She is excited to work with the Foundation board to continue to raise funding that can help provide better healthcare services at District facilities and make a difference for better health outcomes in the community.