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RN – Long Term Care (PRN)


  • Job Summary:  Duties of the Eight and a half hour RN  are directed toward Federal and State regulation requiring the presence of an RN at least 8.5 consecutive hours a day seven days a week.  The primary purpose is to provide support, direction and supervision of the skilled facility staff members.  Duties include but are not limited to the following:
    • Staff the floor when necessary, administer medications, treatments, perform assessments and supervise staff members in assuring the delivery of quality care. Interact with Physician as needed. Assist with meal trays, feeding, call lights, check cart for outdated meds and supplies.
    • Act as a resource to the charge nurse in assisting with admissions, discharges, or pronounce death of an expired resident and assist with notifications as directed by the charge nurse.
    • Paperwork completion to ensure accurate and timely documentation. Update Alert Charting, Audit Charts for accuracy and correct filing, ensure that orders are complete, orders and are transferred to MARS, and noted correctly. Review ordered and scheduled lab work, make sure that appointments are scheduled and calendar is up to date. Thin charts according to protocol.
    • End of Month assist with Checking all medications and MARs received by the Pharmacy to ensure each order is correct and each med has the correct dosage, route, time, patient and frequency according to the ME order; double check with the recap to ensure all agree. Send corrections to the Pharmacy.
    • Answer questions, address concerns, problems and issues with staff, residents or family in absence of the DON. All other duties as assigned. Must be self-directed and  team oriented

    Objective:  To enrich and enhance quality of life for patients and residents.


Graduate of an accredited nursing program * State of Idaho licensed * One or more years experience in acute/LTC care * References indicating honesty, good attendance, dependability, performance and leadership abilities.* English language skills adequate for effective communications with staff, patients, and public * Positive supportive/coaching approach to co-workers. * Computer skills * Good general health * Work is active, some lifting and twisting required * Able to tolerate long periods of standing and walking* Ability to deal positively in stressful situations * Willing to work varied shifts and rotating weekends as needed.

At least one year experience in Long Term Care preferred. Willingness to learn OBRA guidelines as they relate to nursing and operate PCC computer program.

Development and Participation:  Attend and participate in required meetings, (staff meeting, IDT, Stand up, etc), Attend in-service and education programs annually as recommended by the DON.

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