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Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant (Part-time)



Assist Physical Therapist in preparing and administering physical therapy, hydrotherapy, ambulatory training, therapy agents, treatments and restorative programs in accordance with care plans; monitor and report patient’s/resident’s responses to such therapy and treatments; assist in transporting patient’s/resident’s to/from therapy areas if necessary and act as receptionist to residents for the physical therapy department; conduct, apply, demonstrate, instruct, supervise, and assist residents and staff personnel, as necessary, with proper equipment usage and application; and. Explain to patients/residents the procedures involved in physical therapy, encouraging them to participate in exercises and therapy.

Maintain patient/resident confidentiality and privacy; treat patients/residents with kindness dignity and respect; know and comply with Resident’s Rights rules; monitor physical therapy services to ensure that patients/residents rights are maintained at all times; allow the patients/residents and family members of consequences of not participating in prescribed therapy; abiding by the patients/residents decisions; and , promptly report to the Physical Therapist all resident complaints and grievances.

Assist in planning, developing, organizing, implementing, evaluating and maintaining physical therapy services, standards and methods; assist in completing and properly maintaining medical forms, reports, evaluations, studies, charts, therapy charges, patient/resident files, treatment records and progress notes; and assist in implementing and coordinating current physical therapy policies and procedures.

Assist in developing physical therapy plans for patients/residents in conjunction with patient/resident assessments and care plans; coordinate physical therapy with other departments; attend and participate in orientation, training, in-service educational activities, workshops and seminars for physical therapy personnel; and, participate and assist in departmental projects that become necessary. Participate in continuing education seminars in completion of licensing requirements for Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant.

Comply with established safety precautions and standards, infection control procedures and aseptic and isolation techniques; follow procedures for reporting hazardous conditions and equipment; ensure patient/resident safety and comfort while performing duties; ensure therapy is administered in compliance with applicable regulations; and, ensure cleanliness and safety of physical therapy and treatment areas and rooms, equipment and supplies at all times.

All other duties as assigned.

Work Conditions:

Walking, reaching, bending, lifting, grasping, pushing and pulling, fine hand coordination.


  1. Must be a Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant in good standing.
  2. Must meet all applicable federal and state licensure requirements.
  3. Must be at least 18 years of age.
  4. Completion of Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant program and has passed board certification test.
  5. Ability to read and write in English.
  6. Ability to communicate with personnel and patients/residents.

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