Physical Therapy

Power County Physical Therapy provides you with the convenience of a full-range of therapy services to help you with rehabilitation, post-surgical, or preventative therapy. Our experienced staff includes longtime therapist Tom Sutton, PT and Melissa Olsen, PTA who are here to help you recover! Please contact us to schedule your therapy here at our facility.

The Power County Physical Therapy Department provides treatments based on evaluation and progressive rehabilitation for conditions ranging from orthopedic disorders (pre-operative and post-operative) to neurological, pain management, geriatric, and wound care. Fitness and home program regimens are designed to fit individual needs.

All treatments are provided as directed by your physician with the goal of maximizing patient performance and assisting patients to attain his or her maximum rehabilitation potential.

Full coverage is provided Monday through Friday and for emergencies by a qualified physical therapist or licensed PT Assistant. Coverage is available for hospital inpatient, skilled nursing, or outpatient service. Our friendly and experienced staff provides a supportive environment to assist patients in their recovery process. Please call the office for scheduling or questions at 208-226-2476.

Occupational Therapy

An Occupational Therapist can provide specialized treatment for problems related to changes in the brain and body that may have resulted from injury, abnormality, disease, or aging.  Therapists are available for outpatient, inpatient and skilled nursing facility residents to conduct a diagnostic evaluation and develop an appropriate treatment method.  Our caring and certified staff provide a full-range of custom one-on-one therapies to to improve a patient’s communication and maximize their skills and abilities.


Our Occupational Therapist Kylee Permann is now available!  Kylee is now seeing patients at Power County Hospital. She is an American Falls native and attended Creighton University to obtain her Doctorate of Occupational Therapy. She is married and has one daughter. She loves doing OT for the opportunity to work with all ages and abilities and to help them learn or relearn how to connect with their environment and achieve the goal of living life to the fullest!

The District is excited to help Kylee continue to grow and expand our Outpatient OT services for the community. As we progress with facility renovations, we will have more space available at the PCHD Physical Therapy office for Kylee to see patients in the coming months!  Please call 226-3200 for more information about OT services or scheduling.