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Helping Kids Succeed!

When we don’t feel good, then we all tend to struggle with our daily activities. Kids are no different and their struggles can have a significant impact on their body’s development, ability to learn, and daily social participation. These struggles can also limit their independence. If you notice your child struggling with some development problems at home or at school, an option to consider may include physical or occupational therapy! We often do not think of kids needing physical or occupational therapy, unless they have had an injury. But there are many ways that these therapy services can help and benefit kids with their growth and development!

Occupational therapy can help kids that struggle in their daily activities to develop their independence and motor skills- fine motor skills, sensory motor skills, and visual motor skills. Conditions that may affect kids’ skills can vary and include physical, developmental, behavioral, and cognitive disabilities. Power County Occupational Therapist, Kylee Permann loves working with kids of all ages to help them with a variety of daily challenges that may be impacting their skills and independence. These challenges may include eating, learning, writing, playing with other kids, sleep problems, getting dressed, sensory challenges, using adaptive equipment, and developing other fine motor and visual skills. Kylee loves seeing kids be able to utilize therapy techniques to help them develop their strength, confidence, and independence to enjoy activities they love with their family and friends at home or school.

Kylee Permann, OTD/OTR-L

Physical therapy is also very helpful for kids to build more strength, flexibility, or regain skills that might have been lost due to an injury, accident, physical condition, or disease. Therapy is an important step in helping kids rebuild a healthier participation in daily activities, school, hobbies, and sports. Our Physical Therapist, Julie Colt has a lot of experience working with pediatric patients to help them create a personal therapy plan with their family to recover or improve their abilities with daily activities that can make them feel better, gain confidence, and be more successful in their future.

Julie Colt, MPT

Utilizing therapy is just one of many tools that parents should discuss with their providers if they have concerns about their development. Therapy can be a great collaborative process for kids, parents, therapists, and even educators for setting goals! Therapists can provide education and home programs that will help carryover skills learned in therapy to the home and classroom. The sooner that interventions, such as therapy, can be started than the greater the chance of success with your child’s short and long term development goals or recovery.

The local Power County Therapist team of providers have a wide variety of experience with pediatric patients for both physical and occupational therapy. If your child has a condition or injury that is affecting their daily life activities, school, or sports. Please talk with your doctor about a therapy referral or call 208-226-2476 for more information about local therapy options.