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Visiting Specialists

PCHD works with several area specialists from Blackfoot and Pocatello clinics who provide monthly convenient appointments at our Power County Family Clinic or the hospital.

Please click on their links below to learn more about their specialties. You can also contact their offices to schedule a convenient appointment with them in American Falls.

Dr. Benjamin Allen, M.D.- Orthpoedic Surgeon- Bingham Memorial Hospital

Dr. Ryan Longmore, D.O.- Cardiologist- Bingham Memorial Hospital

New Horizons Mental Wellness Clinics – Psychiatric Counseling, Medication Management

Dr. Douglas Williams, DPM, Podiatrist – Advanced Foot & Ankle Center


Jill Gehring, LCSW– Providing Behavioral Health and Counseling Services at the Power County Family Clinic. Call 208-226-1057 to schedule an appointment or for more information about treatment options.