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COVID Facility Notices- 8/23/2021

Unfortunately with the rise in COVID cases, we ALL must take precautions for the safety of our patients and nursing home residents against the rising cases of COVID we are seeing in our area.  We also highly recommend that all individuals over the age of 12 get a COVID vaccine available at our clinics, Rockland Pharmacy or check with the Southeastern Idaho Health Department for vaccine locations in our area.

PCHD Updated COVID19 facility reminders for the safety & care of our patients & community…

  • COVID-19 Antigen and PCR testing is available at the hospital!
    • DRIVE-UP COVID Testing is available Mon-Fri from 8:00 am-5:00 pm and Saturday from 9:00 am-1:00 pm.  Look for the COVID test car stalls in the hospital upper parking lot. Call the number on the sign and our admissions/lab staff will get your checked-in for testing to be done at your car!
  • Screenings for COVID19 respiratory symptoms, including temperature checks, are required for entry & services at all PCHD locations.  Please enter at our Main Hospital entrance for screening and services.
  • Masks are required for all individuals in the hospital. Please bring one with you for testing or treatment to help us conserve limited supplies.
  • We are here to help! The hospital is OPEN with services still available including 24-7 emergency room, hospital care, lab testing, CT-scans, & X-rays.
  • Nursing Home visitation is limited at this time and permitted outdoors only.  Please call 226-3200 ext. 100 for more questions regarding current visitation rules.
  • Emergency Room patients will be allowed 1 support person. All individuals must be screened, wear a mask, and follow all staff and policy precautions.
  • Limited visitors are also allowed in the Hospital- please call to speak with our nursing staff for rules and details. Visitors must be screened, wear masks and follow all staff and policy precautions.
  • The Power County & Aberdeen Family CLINIC providers & staff are here to treat & protect patients!  If you have a fever >100, cough, shortness of breath, COVID symptoms or exposure, please let staff know when you schedule an appointment and take precautions when coming to the office; or  TELEHEALTH appointment options are available!
  • Please continue to follow the recommended CDC precautions for hand washing, social distancing, wearing masks, and staying home if you are ill.

We appreciate your cooperation and patience to help us be safer. PCHD will continue to be here & ready to help our community through it all.

Please see our COVID-19 page with more information!

Updated:  8/23/2021