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Get Your Flu Shot!

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The chill of fall is here and with it we are sure to begin seeing a rise in colds and flu with families. The flu season generally runs from October-March every year. There are a few things that we recommend people do to keep everyone healthier this year. 

Get your Flu Shot! We highly encourage that everyone, age 6 months and older, gets the annual flu vaccination to help prevent the onset of a serious influenza illness. This year’s influenza vaccine is designed to protect against 4 different flu strains (quadrivalent). Once you receive the vaccine it takes about 2 weeks for protective antibodies to develop in the body.

Wash your hands often and correctly!  This is the single biggest thing you and your family can do to prevent any illness.  You should wash hands for at least 20 seconds with soap/water or a hand sanitizer and rub them vigorously to cover all areas of your hands and fingers. 

Regularly disinfect areas in your home, work, or school items as best you can to avoid germ contamination. 

Limit your contact with sick people or if you are sick. You can wear a mask to protect yourself and others if you are ill and should stay home to prevent getting others sick.

If you have questions regarding colds and flu or would like to get a flu vaccination, please stop at either of our clinics or call for more information. We wish you and your family a safe and healthy fall season!