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Sorry for the Billing Delays!

PCHD Guarantor Bill Statements are finally coming out!

The Hospital District made the difficult transition to a new billing/financial software system last fall. Our staff have been working diligently with our vendor to process accurate claims and are now working with a new vendor to print monthly patient billing statements.

Patients will begin receiving final statements by mid-April for any medical services that occurred from August 2021 through March 2022 at the District, including the Hospital, Nursing Home, Therapy, or Family Clinics.

Please review these statements that will be sent to all “guarantors”. It will include account balance details for dependents including insurance payments and final balances due. Patients can contact us for any questions regarding statements.

PCHD does offer payment arrangements and will honor our payment discount policy for eligible accounts.  Call 226-3200 ext. 274 or 212 for any issues, questions, or assistance with payments. Payments can also be made directly on our website.

We sincerely apologize for these delays and greatly appreciate your patience with this new billing system as we move forward!

*Patients will also continue to receive a ‘summary of services’ statement after services are rendered that shows what is being billed to your insurance.